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One of the most popular online casinos announced it had just dealt its billionth blackjack hand in March 2011. You can see how popular online casinos are when you think about how many they exist. No one could have foreseen the growth and twists that would be experienced by the online casino industry since its inception in 1996.

Nielsen Media Research statistics for 2010 show that online gambling traffic in the UK was up 40% over 2009. It was also revealed that 46% were women and half of those who played online were middle-aged men with high salaries. In the US, the National Annenberg Survey of the Young revealed that approximately 16% of college-aged men visit online casinos at least once per month. This is an increase of 2008 numbers. Ezwin

Many online gambling venues attribute their rise in popularity to the industry standards developed by groups like eCOGRA. These standards include better customer service and a dedication to offering safer and more quality sites. The growth of online gambling sites is being supported by newer payment methods and more language and currency options.

Latin America is one of the most important regions in the world for expanding online gambling. These 33 countries with an estimated population of 570 million are prime targets for online gambling companies. Latin America is a hot target for investors in areas such as financial services providers and online server operators.

One of the main reasons for expanding online gaming to Latin America is the existing infrastructure of telecommunications. This includes the widespread availability of mobile internet and broadband. Nearly 200 million Latin Americans had access to the internet in 2009. This number was increasing at 30% per annum.

The greatest opportunity for growth in Latin America is mobile online gambling. Latin America’s device penetration was at 80% in 2009 which was well above the world average. Mobile networks reached nearly 500 million people. This, combined with rapidly changing graphics and game features made specifically for mobile devices, makes it clear why any online casino would be wise to look into this region.

Mobile gambling isn’t a Latin American trend. The mobile device is rapidly increasing in popularity all around the globe, and the web casino that makes applications for it will be the ones to benefit from this market.

Online gambling has made great strides since 1996. There are now more options for payment and currencies, as well as regulations to reassure consumers. The software and graphics platforms are more advanced than ever. Casinos are taking a fresh look at customer service and mobile handheld devices like Android phones or iPhones are opening up a new market in online gambling. The online gambling industry is experiencing a lot of excitement.

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