Backgammon – Three Basic Strategies

In very general terms, there are just three standard strategies employed. You want to have League of Legends betting  the ability to modify strategies instantly as the span of this match evolves.

The Blockade

This calls for creating a 6-thick wall of checkers, or at least as thick as it is possible to manage, to obstruct from the opponent’s checkers which are on your own 1-point. That is considered to be the most suitable strategy at the start of game. It is possible to construct the wall anywhere between your 11-point along with your 2-point and then shuffle it into your home board as the game progresses.

The Blitz

This requires shutting your own home board as quickly as you can whilst maintaining your opponent onto the bar. For example, if your opponent reaches an early 2 and moves one checker from the 1-point to your 3-point and you then roll a 5-5, you can play 6/1 6/1 8/3 8/3. Your competitor is now in serious problem because they have two checkers on the bar and you have shut half your board!

This where you have 2 or more anchors into your opponent’s home board. (A anchor is a spot inhabited by a minimum of two of your checkers.) It should be used when you are significantly supporting as it substantially improves your chances. The very best places for anchors are towards your competitor’s lower point and either on adjoining points or with one point in between. Timing is vital for the efficient backgame: after all, there is absolutely no point with two nice anchors and a solid brick wall on your house board if you are subsequently forced to dismantle this straight away, while your competitor is becoming their checkers home, as you don’t have other spare checkers to maneuver! In this case, it’s much better to have checkers on the bar so you can preserve your stance until your competition gives you a chance to hit, therefore it can be a good idea to try and convince your opponent hitting in such circumstance!

Some people get a backgame from the beginning, however this is a mistake. The backgame is really a losing strategy: it’s just that this strategy makes you likely to lose in the event that you are already losing!


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